About us

About Us

Sawaya Group is among the leading distributors and developers of beauty products in the Middle East.

An exclusive distributor for international brands, “Morgan Taylor, Harmony – Gelish, & Nouveau Contourin the Mena region and Africa as well as a developer and distributor for Provoc Makeup & Clashes as its two signature brands worldwide. In addition, Sawaya Group manages & operates Howtowow beauty salon” in Lebanon.

Growing wider, we procured & established new premises & several companies along with multiple hubs. Through the years, valuable experience was acquired from which Sawaya Group provided deep awareness to the beauty market, its clients and paved its’ way to innovate. This led the company to become distinguished and reliable.

We attempt to study what is lacking in the market and fill the need, whether it concerns physical appearance, quality, value, service, or education.

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