About Us

Sawaya Group is among the leading distributors and developers of beauty products in the Middle East.

An exclusive distributor for international brands, “Morgan Taylor, Harmony – Gelish, & Nouveau Contourin the Mena region and Africa as well as a developer and distributor for Provoc Makeup & Clashes as its two signature brands worldwide. In addition, Sawaya Group manages & operates Howtowow beauty salon” in Lebanon.

Growing wider, we procured & established new premises & several companies along with multiple hubs. Through the years, valuable experience was acquired from which Sawaya Group provided deep awareness to the beauty market, its clients and paved its’ way to innovate. This led the company to become distinguished and reliable.

We attempt to study what is lacking in the market and fill the need, whether it concerns physical appearance, quality, value, service, or education.


Our work speaks for itself. Take a look.

Sawaya Group has its origin back in 1990; Fadi Sawaya, our CEO, founded the company with an eye for choosing the best quality of beauty products, & building a dynasty in beauty business with a reputation for trading, franchising, & developing

With solid determination to distribute professionally, and operate with integrity of a handshake, Sawaya Group identity was born. As the business expanded & flourished worldwide, Sawaya Group became tantamount as being a major player in the market within multiple brands.

Today, Sawaya Group forms an umbrella organization covering six brands, managed by Fadi Sawaya’s longlisting experience in management skills in the local market & outside as well, while employing more than 100 people in the MENA region.


As leaders in the market, we identify, sell, advertise, tutor, and originate! 

Being pioneers in the Middle East beauty industry just keeps the good in business coming. Our company’s environment is a very competitive one but very rewarding, the strategy adopted in our management is one of a kind; it operates to serve customers’ needs as well as fills gaps of demand in the market constantly.

Customer’s needs are our focus; we run system that smoothly operates in parallel with our clients so that they are updated & satisfied.

Building efficient communication with both owners & technicians clients is another constant approach of ours. We arrange several product launch events, trainings, & workshops given by international professional trainers offering intensive educational courses for everybody interested in starting up a career as a beauty technician. Our professional training topics cover; nail polish & design, hair dress, make-up & permanent makeup tattoo courses. Our trainers are highly qualified & provide certificates of completion to students.  

What We Do

Distribution: We have been major actors in the beauty business for over 30 years and have become one of the most respected distributors in the region. We are exclusive regional distributors for reputable international brands as well as owners for two of our own brands. Provoc, on the other end, is flying on its own and is currently distributed in; Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, India, Russia, Australia and Kenya and is highly demanded in many more.

Development: Due to our experience and knowledge in the Beauty field, we were able to analyze and exceed the market by creating solutions of our own for our three franchise concepts, and started developing our very own makeup line; Provoc and eyelash extensions brand; Clashes.

Franchising: Operate your company by adopting the “Sawaya Distribution & Management System” or expand into your own retail shop or franchise; Howtowow, or a Provoc Studio.

Consulting: We are good listeners and a firm reference in the beauty industry for what concerns Marketing, Franchising, Retail, and Management.

Education: We arrange lectures, seminars, and tutorials on a monthly basis in collaboration with international Educators.

Communications: We intend to do all the creative work in house through the minds who see, touch and experience the brand every day. We challenge ourselves through thoughts about women, trends and other sociological patterns and matters to try to enflame a moment, a feeling, or desire.

Events: We display all our brands in Lebanon and Dubai on yearly bases at various events & outdoor shows that meets our brand’s caliber.


Professional Beauty Dubai Award 2018
The first ever professional beauty GCC awards night took place at the Ritz-Carlton, DIFC on Feb. 5th .An evening which celebrated business & individuals who made a difference to the beauty, hair & spa industry.
We are proud to announce that the 2018 winners:
Make-up Artist of the Year– Shomaiza Shamrez
Sponsored by: Provoc Make-up
Nail Professional of the Year– Cathrine May Vergara
Sponsored by: Morgan Taylor & Gelish

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