“It’s what you do with it”

PROVOC is our signature, global makeup brand with an expanding product line dedicated to the modern woman. It is long lasting for her day-to-day life, precise for her commitment to beauty, edgy for her vibrant personality, intense like her unwavering passion for life and it is easy to wear, for her down-to-earth demeanor.

PROficient, PROgressive, PROactive  

Provoc is the first to introduce semi-permanent gel pencils, allowing women to apply once and enjoy a long-lasting, smudge-free and matt look. With a broad range of vibrant colors and ongoing launches, the PROVOC woman remains completely satisfied and we plan to keep her fulfilled just as much every time.

We understand the needs of contemporary young women and continuously cater to their wants through research and new product development.

All our products are thoroughly studied and meticulously chosen to provide women with what they cannot find in the market while assuring them great quality and wear.

Provoc contributes to the harmony between a woman’s personality and allure.



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