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Being pioneers in the Middle East beauty industry just keeps the good in business coming. Our company's environment is a very competitive one but very rewarding. The strategy adopted in our management is one of a kind, it operates to serve customers needs as well as fills gaps of demand in the market constantly. Customer’s needs are our main focus, we run a system that smoothly operates in parallel with our clients so that they're always updated and satisfied.

Building efficient communication with both owners and technician clients is another constant approach of ours. We arrange many launching events, trainings and workshops given by international professional trainers offering intensive educational courses for everybody interested in launching a career as a beauty technician. Our professional training topics cover; nail, hair, make-up and permanent makeup tattoo courses.Our trainers are highly qualified and provide certificates of completion to students.

Our stock offers a complete and diverse line of professional beauty products. Our current brands are; Provoc- which is our signature brand, Orly, Clashes Eyelash extensions, Gelish, Morgan Taylor and Nouveau Contour. We are in the middle of an empty field, getting ready for bright professions.